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Our  Story

Like many areas, Aiken County faces a lack of affordable housing


This situation makes it very difficult for families to find safe places to live once they become homeless. At this time, Aiken County does not have any transitional housing for families and there is only one emergency stay shelter, which can accommodate 2-3 families for a maximum of 10 days. We work closely with the Aiken County Public Schools and rely on their data to demonstrate the invisible problem of child homelessness. 

We are there when a family's homelessness is imminent, and we work to avoid the trauma of a family losing housing as part of our focus on prevention.

In addition, our long-range goal is to establish the Family Promise hospitality model in Aiken County, providing transitional housing and warm hospitality for families in need through our host congregations as part of a broader program that provides the support families need to secure safe, stable housing.

Sad Girl

60-69% of Aiken County public school students live in poverty.

 South Carolina Interagency Council 
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