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Our  Story

Like many areas, Aiken County faces a lack of affordable housing


One has to earn an hourly wage of $19.56 to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment in Aiken, which is 2.7 times the minimum wage.

We provide prevention, shelter diversion, and stabilization services for families in our community facing housing insecurity.


The goal of our prevention work is to stop homelessness before it starts through stopping evictions. For those families already homeless, we work to identify or maintain a safe place to stay to avoid the trauma of entering a shelter. Stabilization supports families after we’ve solved the immediate crisis of preventing homelessness or diverting a family to safe housing.


We are not simply getting families into or maintaining housing; our focus is working with families to sustainably keep them in housing and break the cycle of housing insecurity.


Every family served receives individualized case management support. Additional services can include housing identification, financial assistance, landlord mediation, and budgeting, to name a few.

In addition, our long-range goal is to establish the Family Promise static shelter model in Aiken County, providing transitional housing and warm hospitality for families in need through as part of our broader program that provides the support families need to secure safe, stable housing.

Sad Girl

60-69% of Aiken County public school students live in poverty.

 South Carolina Interagency Council 
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