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Preventing families from becoming homeless in the first place with Shelter Diversion, Rental Assistance and Transportation programs.


Affiliates offer a variety of strategies to ensure the people we serve do not fall into the cycle of housing instability that can devastate families and alter the course of children’s lives. These include administering  formal diversion programs with government funding, providing rental assistance and landlord mediation, and community-based approaches that keep families housed.

Our national partnership with Help Us Move In (HUMI) helps support prevention programming in Affiliates and is an example of how best practices are applied through our federated model.

Community-Wide Program

Family Promise offers the Keys to Good Tenancy to Aiken County residents. Partnering with strategic members of our community, such as the City of Aiken, the Aiken Board of Realtors, Aiken Corporation, and the Aiken Rotary Club, we are creating a strong program that has meaningful impact both to our families and the places they live. Our goal is to have strong landlord/tenant relationships that improve the quality of life and provide safe, affordable, and secure housing for our children. We will to commit to families that go through our program and assist them in applying the Keys to Good Tenancy in their lives.

Direct  Services


Family Promise of Aiken will provide direct support services to families with impending homelessness. It is our intent to assist 2 to 3 families at a time for a period of 6 to 9 months. Our Case Manager will conduct the intake assessments and determine family eligibility. 

The Case Manager will work with the accepted families and develop detailed action-oriented Case Management Plans for each family. The Case Manager will coordinate the implementation of those plans with the assistance of community volunteers as appropriate for the individual situation. This serves three purposes:

  1. It decreases the Case Manager’s overhead hours, especially as we are beginning operations and we want maximize direct funding to our families

  2. It provides opportunities for volunteer engagement and will build Family Promise ties within the community

  3. It builds relationships between our volunteers and our families – a touchstone of the Family Promise paradigm that we do not want to lose with our new direction


Providing a Covid-19 safe environment for our programs is critical to our success and, more importantly, our responsibility to our staff (volunteer and paid) and participants. Board members, who work within the community on this issue in their respective professional capacities, are developing Covid-19 procedures and guidelines for each of our prevention paths. At a minimum, all appropriate CDC recommendations are being considered and incorporated to the extent possible.

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