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Shelter Diversion with Stabilization

We help homeless families avoid the stress and trauma of shelter, and help them find and sustainably keep a home of their own

Shelters, no matter how good, are not homes. We provide shelter diversion services to families with minor children in Aiken County that are already homeless, including those that are living with family/ friends, in motels, or in their cars. Our immediate goal in these moments of crisis is to identify or maintain a safe place to stay to avoid entering a shelter. As we work to resolve and move past the immediate crisis, we also provide stabilization services, with the primary goal of breaking the cycle of housing insecurity.


Stabilization supports families after we’ve solved the immediate crisis of shelter diversion. The goal is not simply a short-term place to stay; it is to help families find and sustainably keep a home of their own and break the cycle of housing insecurity.

Every family we serve receives some form of housing assistance and individualized case management support. Additional services may include conflict resolution, financial coaching, goal setting, budgeting, rental and utility assistance (including past-due bills), and deposit assistance to secure and keep stable housing.

Because our mission is to achieve long-term stability through a community-based response, we also identify and connect families with additional community and government resources they may be eligible to receive.

Our stabilization services lift families from poverty and permit them to aspire to a future every family deserves.

Our direct services are guided by 3 principles: client choice, respect, and empowerment.

Are you a family in need of services? Call our Family Coach, Laura Johnson, at 803-443-5625.
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